Welcome to The Official Dance Party!

Does your child love to boogie? Perhaps they are into a certain Popstar at the moment or just love getting glammed up with their besties?

The Freshest Birthday Party Idea Around!

We are totally current. We are all about keeping up with the latest tunes and coolest trends and are a very youthful, bubbly team. With no cheesy gimmicks or outdated party games, we rely on our energy and enthusiasm to drive the dance party...and it works every time!

You Can Relax!

From the minute we get on board, we take everything out of your hands and work with you to ensure your child's dance party is the most special day of their year! We can take the headache out of themed invitations for your chosen package, dance themed going home gifts, a personalised cake and more so you really don't have to lift a finger.

We Are Experts!

You can trust us when we say all our entertainers are AMAZING! We only use the best performers who are naturals at engaging children. From the minute we arrive at the party, your child and their friends will have the coolest time ever and will be totally captivated right until the end, and what's more...you will be able to sit back and relax!

It's All About Your Child!

We are not a big agency so can offer a personalised service to suit your child's tastes and interests. As well as handpicking their very own playlist to be played, we will make sure to incorporate exactly what trends they are into at the moment to ensure their perfect birthday party.

Your Friends Will Love Us!

You'll definitely be a winner with the other parents as they will love watching something our dance parties. Not only is it a unique idea but they won't be able to resist bopping along (they have been known to get fully involved in our limbo competitions...) Trust us, you'll be the coolest parent in the class!

So if you have a modern day mover at home who just loves to move it move it and you're looking for the OFFICIAL dance party, this is the perfect birthday party idea...

"THANK YOU MIRIAM for hosting a fabulous birthday party for my daughter and her friends. It was a cold, wet, winter's day and it was a joy to watch the kids on their feet non stop, dancing, running, jumping etc. Even the quiet ones joined in. I wasbit worried that it wouldn't be suitable for boys. I needn't have as the boys enjoyed it as much if not more than the girls, as it was such an active party. Miriam made a huge fuss of my daughter and made her feel so special. She also made a big effort to include her brothers too so there was no jealousy! If, like me you hadn't seen the Official Dance Party before and are worried about taking a risk - don't be! Miriam and her team are very professional and fun and I heartily recommend her" - Esther Minkoff, Mill Hill
“WOW - THANKS SO MUCH for the BEST DANCE PARTY EVER! The feedback from all Abi's friends has been amazing and how you kept 50 kids engaged for the afternoon was incredible. Thanks so much for such a great party - you made everything so easy!” - Katie Fearn, Hampstead