Hi, I'm Miriam :)


I have always had a strong passion for inspiring children through music and dancing! With my wealth of dance teaching experience along with my training at Paul McCartney's LIPA, the launch of TODP seemed like a very natural step to take!

What's the goal?

Bringing happiness and confidence to hundreds of children each week is the best job in the world and I wouldn't change it for anything!

The company was born out of a strong desire to inspire and energise others through dance. We firmly believe that dance can be used as a powerful weapon to boost confidence, bring people together and create lasting memories. All we want is to uplift people and make sure everyone leaves one of our events with a big smile on their face and feeling amazing.I wanted to provide an alternative to the low energy and uninspiring 'traditional' birthday parties that were exhausting parents every weekend. Times are changing and so are the kids and so I wanted to create the next coolest thing for the modern day mover (and a job that I loved!).

I have the most AMAZING team!

We are a small team and I am VERY picky with our Party Leaders! I only use people that are trained performers but more importantly EXPERTS in keeping children engaged and having the best time! We are all BUBBLY, YOUTHFUL & FUN!

If you would like to join our team please email: miriam@theofficialdanceparty.com

Name: Ellie

Trained: 3 year Musical Theatre Diploma at SA Performing Arts Centre

If I could perform with one person it would be: Can I have two pleeeeeeeeeease? One boy, one girl: Arron Tveit (my Broadway Prince) and Scarlett Strallen, Queen of the West End!

If I had an Official Dance Party I would choose: The Pamper Posers Party because I love being spoilt rotten and getting to relax whilst somebody else glams me up :p

3 words to describe me: Fun, Silly & Dorky!

Best piece of advice I've been given: "Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway"


Name: Steph

Trained: BA Hons in contemporary dance @ Northern School of Contemporary Dance

If I had an Official Dance Party I would choose: Can I pick them all?! I think either a street dance party or a girly spa! 

If I could perform with one person it would be: oooh there are so many wonderful people I could choose! If I did have to pick though, I would say my best friend James. We live together and dance in our kitchen every single day! It’s the best! 

My earliest dance memory was: Taking my first ballet class because I couldn’t think of anything better than wearing the matching all pink leotard and skirt! 

Best piece of advice I've been given: "Dance first, think later!"

Name: Kelsey

Trained: Musical Theater Diploma from Sage Academy of Performing Arts

If I could perform with one person it would be: I would say Diversity but I've already done that so....Bruno Mars is my next goal!

If I had an Official Dance Party I would choose: DEFFO a Street Dance Party!!

The one song which always gets me up on my feet: Come on Eileen - Dexy Midnight RUnners or Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader (..I'm a little old before my time!)

My earliest dancing memory: When I was 5 and I moved up to the junior classes from the preps and my dance teacher was ultra scary, and I panicked so much because I didn't have a clue what first position was...15 years later I still panic whenever somebody says "feet in first" but at least I know the position now (I think..!)

Best piece of advice I've been given: "Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up!"

Name: Yiota Theo

Trained: Northern Ballet School

If I could perform with one person it would be: Shakira!!!!!!!

My earliest dancing memory: When I was 3 and couldn’t stop dancing around the house!

Best piece of advice I've been given: Invest in my myself and learn how to overcome any difficulties and move on.

3 words that describe me: Ambitious, Enthusiastic and Gym Freak 😝  

Favourite Dance Style: All.. ( Challenge Accepted – hahaha )

dance parties


Name: Olivia

Trained: Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

If I had an Official Dance Party I would choose: Ooo hard question.... I love to have a pamper but I love a boogie too! I'm going to go with the Street Dance Party!

If I could perform with one person it would be: Demi Lavato!!! I LOVE HER! Kind of obsessed.

3 words that describe me: Sporty, fun and organised!

The one song which always gets me up on my feet: : Ariana Grande and Niki Minsk- Side to Side.

Best piece of advice I've been given: : Act confident and no one will question you- IT REALLY WORKS! 

Dance party

Name: Sorsha, but most of my friends call me Sorsh for short! 

Trained: I started dancing when I was about 5 years old and trained at Performers College in Essex when I was 16 

If I could perform with one person it would be: It would absolutely have to be Bruno Mars, because I love all of his songs and he has all the moves!! 

My earliest dancing memory: I remember learning all the dance moves in my bedroom to my favourite songs and thinking ‘Actually this is quite fun, maybe I should start to learn how to do this properly!!’ 

Best piece of advice I've been given: To always remember how far you have come, because sometimes you forget that! 

3 words that describe me: Happy, Friendly and a little mad!! 

Favourite Dance Style: I love Tap dancing. I’m a little like Happy Feet! Just can’t stop! 


Name: Laura

Trained: BA Hons Musical Theatre @ Guilford School of Acting

If I had an Official Dance Party I would choose: 'Girly Spa' Party because I love to relax and be treated! Also the chocolate face masks smell so yummy!

3 words that describe me: Loud, Fun and Energetic!

Earliest Dance Memory: I went to my first ballet class aged 11 after reading books about girls who did ballet.

Best piece of advice I've been given: Always be a bubble on a path! To focus on your own journey and not worry about what other people are doing!

Here are some pics & reviews of them doing what they do best:

Kind words about the team...

We’re more than satisfied, and would like to thank you and your team again! It was great. Especially Ellie, who did a fantastic job during the whole party in keeping all the girls very entertained. Mieke’s and her friends are still speaking about it! Since the day, Mieke has said a few time that it was her best party ever. She’s still doing her poses, and strutting her stuff around the house. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
— Warwick Brown, Reading
The girls all had a great time thank you. Kelsey was very enthusiastic and great with the girls. We will definitely recommend you!
— Kerry White, Bedfordshire
It was all great- thanks! Kelsey was brilliant and the girls all loved it!
— Fiona Lees, Streatham
A big thank you to Ellie for running a fun, high energy Strictly party, the girls had great fun learning their cha cha chas and showing off their routines!! Please do thank her from us!
— Emily Cooper, Primrose Hill
We absolutely loved the party and it was amazing to see the way Ellie kept entertaining the kids throughout the 2 hours.Priyanka and her friends were really happy. Thank you so much for organising everything.
— Matha, Pinner
Ellie and Kelsey were fantastic and kept the kids well entertained the whole time. Emmie “said it was the most magical birthday ever” so I think it was a success!
— Clare Parrett, Bromley
Katie and Saphii were amazing with the kids. Our daughters were very happy!
— Silvia Cereda, Clapham
The party was brilliant the girls all had a fantastic time, thank you to Kelsey!
— Natalie Johnston, Hertford
Thank you so much for the fab party. Please pass on our thanks to Ellie. Everyone loved it especially Ariella.
— Ilana Hutchinson, Mill Hill
Katie and Ruby were brilliant! They really engaged well with the children. Thanks so much
— Louise Worth, Highgate
Thank you so so much, everyone loved it!! Especially the birthday boy of course! We all enjoyed watching them. Thank you so much, please let Andrea know that the kids & parents loved him and he really made Pauls day. He was so happy.
— Barbara Roessler, Imperial Wharf
Ellie and her team were brilliant! I loved everything they did with the kids - the routines, the energy they brought, their improvisation, and even bringing in the parents for a dance off with the kids. Fantastic! Rating - full marks. Thank you so much for great entertainment. One of the Mums is even hoping to use you for her next party.
— Buki, Stanmore
Bryony loved her party today! Katie was great with the children and it was the perfect high energy dance party we were after! Lots of fun was had by all. I would give her 3 out of 3. She engaged well with the children, tried her best to include some of the very shy girls and kept everyone’s attention the whole time. She was energetic and fun, presented the games and routines clearly to the group and did her best to give everyone a great time.
— Holly Collier, Muswell Hill
The kids all had a great time thank you and we were very pleased. It was especially tough given how hot it was so thank you! I thought Katie was great and would give her 3/3. Freya is one of the most sensitive of the lot and she was right in there so that’s a good sign. Thanks again!
— Angela Pixner, Kent
Thank you, Kelsey did very well. The children were very happy and enjoyed their time with her
— Insha, Ilford

So Why Choose Us?

Does your child love to boogie?

Perhaps they are into a certain Popstar at the moment?

Or they just love getting glammed up with their besties?


We are the freshest birthday party idea around and totally current. We are all about keeping up with the latest tunes and coolest trends and are a very youthful, bubbly team. With no cheesy gimmicks or outdated party games, we rely on our energy and enthusiasm to drive the dance party...and it works every time!


From the minute we get on board, we take everything out of your hands and work with you to ensure your child's dance party is the most special day of their year! We can take the headache out of themed invitations for your chosen package, dance themed going home gifts, a personalised cake and more so you really don't have to lift a finger.


You can trust us when we say all our entertainers are AMAZING! We only use the best performers who are naturals at engaging children. From the minute we arrive at the party, your child and their friends will have the coolest time ever and will be totally captivated right until the end, and what's more...you will be able to sit back and relax!


We are not a big agency so can offer a personalised service to suit your child's tastes and interests. As well as handpicking their very own playlist to be played, we will make sure to incorporate exactly what trends they are into at the moment to ensure their perfect birthday party.


You'll definitely be a winner with the other parents as they will love watching something our dance parties. Not only is it a unique idea but they won't be able to resist bopping along (they have been known to get fully involved in our limbo competitions...) Trust us, you'll be the coolest parent in the class!

What are you waiting for? This is the coolest birthday party idea around....